The look of your logo is very important. A logo represents who and what your brand is all out. Logos also express meaning through design, font selection and color choices. All this allows you to be unique, making yourself memorable and this helps set you apart from your competition.

When we create a logo, we sit down with the client to discuss what the brand message is and what initial thoughts the client has. Once we have a general idea of a direction, we explore the concepts further with some rough sketching. From there we narrow the choices and start to think about adding color. When thinking about color, we take into consideration the personality and image you are trying to portray. Example, a dark logo would be fine for Halloween, it would not be well received for Valentines Day.

Ultimately, you want a logo that is pleasing to the eye, conveys your brand message and is memorable. Whether you are looking for a new logo or freshening up an old one, MEGA Design Group can handle your logo design from concept to creation.